69 | Building Market Outliers with Nida Leard

Season #1

Nida is a serial entrepreneur, top-tier business consultant, self-identity reinvention coach, and former Fortune 500 executive with more than two decades of experience in business, psychology, and personal development. Nida is the founder of Nida Leard Consulting and Coaching, where she advises world-class experts to become legendary market outliers. She works with highly exceptional coaches, consultants, and experts who want to build a truly innovative business that stands out from the rest with a one-of-a-kind solution and market position.   Nida is the author of the One to Millions Entrepreneur and host of the Nida Leard Podcast show. She also has a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. She is a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Brainz Magazine and has been featured on Business Insider, Fox, ABC, CNBC, USA Today, and other media. 

In this episode:

  • Nidas path from working with Fortune 500 companies and top consumer goods companies in cosmetic and skincare brands to building a child development center to working with high-level entrepreneurs and executives 
  •  How to find your path as a multi passionate 
  • How your childhood is playing a role into your current limiting beliefs 
  • Building the worlds best solution for your clients
  • Understanding unconscious competency in offer creation
  • How to build mental toughness as an entrepreneur 
  •  Creating a customer for life business model 



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