63 | Herbal Support for Entrepreneurs with Botanically Curious

Season #1

Paula from Botanically Curious joins the show today to share all of her plant medicine with us! Botanically Curious offers boutique herbal experiences for anyone looking to explore the world of plant medicine. Their efforts are focused on educating the public about herbalism, and building confidence in foraging wild food! 

In this episode:

  • Paula's journey into herbalism 
  • Herbal support for busy women ( focus, energy, hormonal balance)
  • Using the 4 pillars of wellness to asses plant medicine needs
  • Herbs that can be foraged in your backyard and how to use them
  • Where to find quality herbs and reputable brands
  • Linden for muscle relaxation and a reminder for healthy boundaries
  • How mushroom coffee supports adrenal function and other natural options for a quick energy boost


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