50 | Releasing Perfectionism & Moving With Fear Client Interview with Meegan Whelan

Season #1

Meegan Whelan is a family and leadership coach and staunch advocate for the wellness of families, inside and out. She has spent the past 16 years counseling students and their families in schools as well as coaching high-achieving women in transition for the last 4 years. She is passionate about helping individuals reduce hardship, stress, and conflict in their lives and homes and providing tools to take action in the next stage of life.

In this episode:

  • Meegan's path from counseling to full-time coach as a mom of 4 
  • Advice for moms in entrepreneurship and moving with fear
  • Leaning into vulnerability
  • Focusing on your natural strengths & the power of in-person networking 
  • How resources & recommendations allow you to collapse time

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