Redefining the art of feminine leadership to simplify your success, own your power, and magnetize your movement .

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There's a misconception with feminine leadership..

that it's all lingerie, sexy dancing, fluffy pillows, constant orgasms, and talking about your yoni. 

Or that it's a lack of structure, totally leaned back, and producing no results.

For the longest time I didn't resonate with the idea of feminine leadership because I didn't think I fit the mold of either of those definitions.

But the reality is that feminine leadership is SO MUCH more than that!

It's leading with the deepest sense of authenticiy.

It's rebellious, carving your own path in the world.

Innovative. Magnetic. FREE. Bold. Compassionate. Community oriented. Effortless. Emotionally Intelligent.Trustworthy. Aligned. Joyful. Evolution.


In this powerful masterclass you will:

Redefine and Harness the Power of the Feminine 

Redefine what feminine leadership means and master the art to lead more powerfully.

Simplify Your Success

Learn how to simplify the process, find alignment, and maximize ease in your life and business.

Magnetize Your Movement

Learn how to lead with magnetism and attract your soul tribe.


After studying abnormal and social psychology, I wound up climbing the corporate ladder, working crazy hours, and completely ignoring my wellbeing—until I found yoga in my mid-20s and fell in love.

I started healing past grief, trauma, and unhealthy patterns, and became aware and connected to my body, myself, and my desires—I started waking up to the life I really wanted.

I didn’t know where it would lead or where I would end up, but I followed the pull.

From the practices I'm teaching in this masterclass I was able to go from burnt-out sales manager, partying, and single to passionate entrepreneur, in a loving relationship, leaping from $1k months to a $30k week while traveling, and most importantly feeling more aligned, inspired, and FREE in my work and life than ever before. 

I noticed people started flocking to me (helloooo magnetism!) and loved what I was doing, jumping on board to help me, and even attracting 300 women and 30+ vendors for my first festival.

You can have it all - the wealth, wellbeing, relationship, passion, and quality of life!

That’s what I want to help you do. Grow your business, build an iconic brand, feel amazing, pave your own path, and make more money than you thought possible just by being authentically you and doing more of what lights your soul on fire. 

I believe having more wealthy & well women create a ripple effect of healing into our communities and the world. 

"I would highly recommend Kat as a business coach. She is incredibly helpful, compassionate, and encouraging all at once. She gets right to the point and progresses you through your goals, and values your time."

Danielle H. (Wellness Coach)


"Kat is a powerhouse for helping you manifest your creative ideas. She helped me to define myself and position myself as a leader. Can't say enough good things about her."

- Katie P. (Wellness Coach and Dentist)

"We broke through blocks and limiting beliefs that had held me back  for years."

"After working with Kat together, we broke through blocks and limiting beliefs that had held me back for years. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Kat's program. Finally, I have the tools to continue confidently in my business."

- Sarah L. (Energetic Healer & Mentor)

"Kat perfectly balances strategy, passion, and soul.

Kat's support and energy as a coach & fellow sister in the wellness world is so powerful. I feel vastly different personally and professionally after just two months of her program. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Kat, and look forward to more opportunities to do so!"

- Ali C. (Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach)

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